Rubber Tracks 350 × 54.5K Excavator Tracks - China Gator Track

Rubber Tracks 350×54.5K Excavator Tracks

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  • FOB Prezioa: US $ 0,5 - 9.999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Kopurua: 1 Pieza / piezak
  • Hornidura gaitasuna: 2000-5000 Piece / Hileko per piezak
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Ordainketa baldintzak: L / C, T / T
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    Innovation, quality and reliability are the core values of our company. These principles today more than ever form the basis of our success as an internationally active mid-size company for High definition Rubber Tracks 350X54.5K for Excavator Track Construction Equipment Machinery, Our group members are purpose to provides solutions with large performance cost ratio to our buyers, as well as goal for all of us would be to satisfy our consumers from all over the planet.

    We have enough confidence to supply you both better solutions and service, because we’ve been more and more powerful, specialist and experience in domestic and international.



    Our excavator rubber track systems have been rigorously tested before being introduced to our clients, meeting or exceeding OEM specifications for a perfect fit and maximum performance every time. To improve on our tracks dependability and durability, they undergo extensive research and design tests to ensure the compounds and materials used during production meet or exceed ISO quality standards. Here are just a few features you will find in every premium grade track we sell.

    A premium grade rubber track is made of all natural rubber compounds that are blended with highly durable synthetics. A high volume of carbon black make premium tracks more heat and gouge resistant, increasing their overall service life when operating on hard abrasive surfaces. And premium tracks also use continuously wound steel cables embedded deep within the thick carcass to build strength and rigidity. Additionally, our steel cables receive a coat of vulcanized wrapped rubber to help protect them from deep gouges and moisture that could corrode them if not protected.

     Track zabalera Pitch Luzera Loturak kopurua  zuzentzen mota
     350  54,5  80-86  B2B2 TYPE


    Nola ordezko gomazko track tamaina bat baieztatzeko:

    Lehen saiatu tamainaren pista barruan zehar zigiluarekin den ikusteko.

    Ezin badituzu gomazko track tamaina pistan zigiluarekin aurkitu, Pls informatzeko kolpe guri informazioa:

    1. Egin, eredua, eta urte ibilgailuaren

    2. The Rubber Track Tamaina = Zabalera (E) x Pitch x estekak kopurua (behean azaltzen)

    1 2 3

    1 hazbeteko = 25,4 milimetro
    1 milimetro = 0,0393701 hazbeteko


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