Gator Track Environmental Equipment

In the past few weeks, our factory has made a great improvement, since there are many experienced workers came. Our production efficiency also can be extremely enhanced  with the experienced workers.

Until now, our products have a great improvement and we will be continued growing.

As you may know, many factories in China has been closed since the strict environmental policy in this summer, unqualified factories will be forced to shut down.

As far as I know, our cooperative factory for bucket, because of the strict environmental policy was temporarily shut down, when to get environmental protection certificate when to continue production.

Fortunately, we have been very concerned about the environmental protection at the beginning of Gator Track’s establishment. In June, we have been in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection

departments to install environmental protection equipment, pumping away and ionize the pollutional gas then release the clean gas.

Compared to others rubber track factories, Gator Track in the air circulation and emissions, etc., have reached the requirements of environmental protection policy.

Post time: Jan-26-2018