• Advantages of rubber tracks

    Rubber tracks are made of rubber and can be used both on general roads and in a wide range of areas. Rubber tracks are made of rubber material as the main material and add appropriate amount of metal and other materials. 1. Light weight and small volume, easy to transport, install and store. 2. G...
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  • High quality rubber tracks

    High quality rubber tracks

    Rubber track is an important type of crawler, it has strong wear resistance, impact resistance and waterproof, and is widely used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery and other fields. Rubber tracks, also known as rubber tires, are a type of rubber products. Rubber tracks are made of...
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  • Quality and quantity assured loading

    Quality and quantity assured loading

    1、 We have to be serious and responsible in the installation of the cabinet, do not understand the place must be timely to ask clear. 2、Be sure to have the required materials ready before installing the cabinet. 3、Don’t forget to bring the tools you need to work when loading the cabinet....
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  • Market demand analysis for crawler tractors

    Combined with the current status of technology development, the market demand and development trend of crawler tractors are analyzed. Status quo of development of crawler tractor technology Metal-tracked tractor Metal crawler tractor technology has been widely used in the early days of the emerge...
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  • Advantages of tracked tractors

    Crawler tractor has large traction force, high traction efficiency, low grounding specific pressure, strong adhesion, good operation quality, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and high cost performance of the equipment, especially suitable for heavy-load planting operations and terraced o...
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  • Composition of a rubber track chassis

    The tracks of the rubber track chassis are driven by active wheels and flexible chain links around the drive wheels, load wheels, guide wheels and carrier pulleys. The track consists of track shoes and track pins, etc. The rubber track chassis has harsh working conditions, must have sufficient st...
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