Market demand analysis for crawler tractors

Combined with the current status of technology development, the market demand and development trend of crawler tractors are analyzed.

Status quo of development of crawler tractor technology

Metal-tracked tractor

Metal crawler tractor technology has been widely used in the early days of the emergence of crawler tractors, along with the changes in market needs.
The technology is also constantly being tweaked and improved. Due to the good stability of its engine performance and the high utilization rate of the equipment, it has a large application range in farmland water conservancy projects. However, because the speed of metal crawler tractors is slow and the transfer is inconvenient, the market demand has been declining in recent years.

Rubber-tracked tractor

The appearance of rubber-tracked tractors compensated for the lack of metal-tracked tractors. The engine of the rubber track tractor can meet the needs of tractor performance, and its transmission system is a wet main clutch, which uses mechatronics technology to monitor the entire equipment to ensure the performance of the whole machine.

At present, rubber crawler tractors are in relatively large demand in China’s agricultural field.

 Market demand analysis for crawler tractors

Operating efficiency affects demand

Under normal circumstances, the annual operating capacity of a single crawler tractor is 400~533 km2, and the maximum can reach 667 km2, annual operating income is much higher than wheeled tractors. So, crawler tractors in agriculture.
The use of industrial production is large. Since crawler tractors can be used to improve agricultural productivity and improve industrial infrastructure, their market demand has also increased significantly.

Product changes affect demand

In the early stage of the development of Chinese crawler tractors, the products were mainly Dongfanghong 54 type, and the later production of Dongfanghong 75 type was not in large demand in the market because of insufficient power. Dynamic performance of the Dongfanghong Type 802Significantly improved, the technical level is more advanced, and the market demand is increasing. In order to meet the needs of agricultural production, relevant scientific research institutes and tractor manufacturers have continuously adjusted and improved crawler tractor technology. Several new models of tractors have also stimulated the market demand for crawler tractors, developed
The prospects are better. The emergence of rubber crawler tractors makes up for the shortcomings of traditional products, which have good dynamics and large market demand.

The impact of the demand of agricultural business entities

According to statistics, at present, 40 percent of China’s arable land is operated by 2.8 million new-type agricultural masters, and 200 million peasants operate 60 percent of its arable land. With the development of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives and the promotion of large-scale land management, large-scale intensive and efficient farming requires more crawler tractors to improve the quality of operations.
With the improvement of technical level, the future crawler tractor will inevitably develop in the direction of power diversification, crawler rubberization and diversification, and will play an increasingly important role in improving crop yield and quality.


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