Advantages of crawler excavators

The main function of “track” is to increase the contact area and reduce the pressure on the ground, so that it can work smoothly on soft ground; the function of “grouser” is mainly to increase the friction with the contact surface and facilitate climbing operations.
Our crawler excavators can better deal with all kinds of harsh environments, better complete the work, and can cross various obstacles, such as hillsides, ridges, etc., without being affected by road conditions. For example, when the slope is compacted, the excavator needs to work in a sloped environment. At this time, the wheel digging cannot work under the sloped condition, but the crawler type can be constructed on it. The crawler type is good The grip and flexible steering. In rainy days, there will be no skidding or drifting when walking.
It can be said that the crawler type can be competent in any environment and is widely used in construction sites and areas with poor road conditions.

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Post time: Dec-11-2020